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Our Founder

Sohna, the visionary behind Sohnas Media, is driven by a deep passion for web design and SEO optimization. Her journey into the realm of web design and search engine optimization began when she ran her own online clothing store and encountered challenges in design and achieving favorable SEO rankings. 

Motivated to overcome these obstacles, she made the bold decision to pause her online clothing store and delve into the secrets of web design and the intricate workings of search engine optimization. 

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead requires a captivating business website paired with a robust SEO strategy. To ensure she remains at the forefront of industry trends, S. Bojang actively participates in web design webinars and SEO conferences worldwide. This commitment to ongoing education guarantees that she is constantly updated on the latest advancements in the field. With her firsthand entrepreneurial experience, she deeply understands the significance of a high-quality website in driving business success.

How I Offer My Services

Website Maintenance

Experience the hands-on care your website deserves with my personalized management services. I undertake regular updates, meticulous maintenance, and vigilant security monitoring. From back-end checks to fixing broken links, I handle all technical aspects to ensure your website consistently operates at its peak performance.

Search Engine Optimization

As an entrepreneur immersed in the digital landscape, I recognize the pivotal role of online visibility. Leveraging insights gained from Google Academy SEO training, I employ strategies directly from the industry rankers. Discover the power of search engine optimization with a personalized approach, tailored to elevate your online presence and drive results.

Web Design And Development

Embark on a collaborative journey with me as your dedicated web designer. We kick start the process with a comprehensive consultation, delving into your goals and vision. Following this, I personally craft, develop, and rigorously test your website, ensuring a seamless user experience. Your approval is paramount, as I bring your website to life, prioritizing the quality that defines my reputation.

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Managed Web Hosting

In collaboration with two leading hosting companies in the industry, your website receives the gold standard in 24/7 protection from malware, robust security measures, and optimal loading speeds. Trust in the synergy of cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, ensuring your online presence is not just secure but also among the fastest-loading websites in the digital landscape.

Content Writing Services

Elevate your brand narrative with expertly crafted content from seasoned writers boasting a minimum of 5 years' industry experience. Partnering with a team of accomplished content creators, rest assured that your writing services are incapable hands. We deliver content that authentically echoes your brand voice, keeping your audience captivated and engaged.


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